Attention: Coaches and Experts

Are you tired of struggling with the “hours for dollars” pricing model?

You CAN quickly and easily charge 20-30-40% more than you do right now!

How? By creating packages that include much more than just your time . . .


This step-by-step template will:

    • Give you tons of ideas on what to put in your packages, other than just “hours for dollars.
    • Offer lots of valuable tips and tricks to help you design powerful packages, so your prospects will easily see the added value and eagerly pay you what you deserve for your work
    • Give you multiple choices on arranging your packages, so you can use the system that works best for you as you walk through the steps. Plus, different ideas on how to name your packages, so they sound “catchy” and attractive
    • Help you get your clients and prospects to fully realize the value of what you have to offer – and therefore happily pay you for that value
    • Allow you to raise your rates with the clients you currently have, (and keep them happy at the same time).