How to Break Free of “Niche Paralysis”

10015109_sAre you (or do you know someone) suffering from “Niche Paralysis?”

“Niche Paralysis” is a condition that occurs when a coach, consultant or healer has recognized that they need a “niche” in order to create a successful, thriving business, but . .  

. . . The decision on what niche to choose has become so fraught with uncertainty, indecision and stress, that they are literally paralyzed. They can’t move forward on their business.

They are stuck.

It makes sense that they finally end up on my doorstep. The first thing I do for clients is to help them define and refine their niches, so they can claim expert status, command higher fees, establish a steady stream of clients and income, and most of all, do exactly what they love to do.

But first I have to get them unstuck.

There’s no way anyone can consider all of their niche options from a relaxed perspective, much less come to a fruitful decision, when they are stuck in Niche Paralysis.

If you or someone you know hasn’t decided on a niche yet, whether it’s just indecision or downright Niche Paralysis, here are five insights that can free you:

1.  All niches and markets are the same under the surface.

No matter who your market is or what your niche is, you’ll still be doing whatever it is you do: Coaching, healing, or consulting. And it will most likely be on the same issues, because whatever stops someone in one area of their lives, stops them in every area.

For instance, if you do relationship coaching, and the underlying source of your client’s problems is a lack of boundaries, what you’re really working on is boundary issues.

If you do business coaching, and the underlying source of your client’s problems is a lack of boundaries, once again, you’re really working on boundary issues. So whatever it is you end up really working on is usually all the same. So . . .

2.  You’ll still get to do what you love best, no matter who your market and what your niche is.

A niche is just a matter of what’s triggering someone’s issues. Your coaching or healing is still going to be on those issues, whether they show up in someone’s personal life, in their relationships, at work, or in business. So what you choose that triggers someone’s challenges doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does.

3.  It’s much easier to course correct when you’re already in motion

Imagine being stuck in mud a foot deep. There are two (or more) paths ahead, and both are shrouded in mist. You can’t decide which path to take. You can’t see through the mist. You’re stuck.

How will you know which path is the right path for you? The only way is to get in motion and start walking. Get out of the mud, choose a path, and go down it. You’ll walk through the mist and soon, you’ll be able to see more.

If you discover it’s not the right path, then walk to a different path. You’ve still made progress, and you’ll join the right path further down. You’ll be well on your way; much farther along than if you’d stayed in that foot of mud.

4.  Perfectionism Equals Paralysis

This is often what is underlying all the anxiety of Niche Paralysis. The idea that for whatever reason, it has to be the perfect niche, can keep you stuck.

If you think there’s something wrong with every possibility, if you’ve gone round and round and you’re not sure which niche is the right one . . . or if you still wonder if the one in front of you is really “it” . . . or if you feel as though this decision is too important and you can’t make a mistake . . . then you’re probably stuck in perfectionism. The solution? Choose. Get in motion. See insight #3.

5.  A Little Information Goes a Long Way

Finally, it’s pretty tough to make a decision on a niche when you’re simply lacking information.

Is it a good niche? Does the market have compelling challenges? Are they willing to pay to solve them? Do they congregate in various places where you can reach them? Do you have to be “in the club” to coach them? Have other coaches been successful in the niche?

These questions are often easy for a marketing coach to answer. I know they are for me, because of my experience. I know which niches are goldmines, and which ones to run like—um, well, to run from. So if this is where you’re stuck, consider getting help.

In fact, if this article doesn’t get you unstuck, get help! Don’t lose another week of income or satisfaction from doing what you love!!  

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