The Law of Attraction: Does it Really Work in Your Business?

coaching2Do you believe it’s possible to use the law of attraction to help build your business?

More to the point, does what you believe matter? I think it does.

Why? Because regardless of the stand you’ve taken on it, there are simply too many people, gurus and next door neighbors alike, who claim it’s worked for them.

If you are truly committed to a thriving, successful business, can you really afford to ignore something that so many people and doctrines claim is a universal law, as pervasive as gravity? Even if you don’t understand how it works?

I remember once when I was a teenager, I got on a ride that was similar to a very fast Ferris wheel, except instead of the seats there were individual cages that spun madly around and around as the large wheel turned.

Once the ride began my cage spun and spun crazily all over the place: upside down, sideways, round and round, and all I could do was hang on for dear life and spin with it. I was terrified. It certainly wasn’t the fun experience I was hoping for.

Then when the ride was over and I got off (walking like a drunken sailor because I was so dizzy), I discovered there had actually been a lever inside the cage I could have used to control the ride somewhat. Arrrrrrgggghhhh!!!

It would still have been a ride, but because I was ignorant of the lever, that ride was a lot wilder than it needed to be.

Ignoring the law of attraction is like me ignoring that lever in the ride. It’s still there; you’re just not using it. And the “ride” (read: your business) can be a lot more crazy without guidance from you.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can just sit on the couch and eat bon bons while imagining money or clients flowing to you. You have to actually take action to get that money or clients, because that action activates the law as much as your thoughts do, if not more.

It demonstrates your intention to attract money and clients, even more than just saying you want it inside your head. It’s when everything is in alignment: your actions, your thoughts, and your beliefs, that the law is most powerful.

In my personal experience, the most effective way to use it is to build your business is to clarify exactly who your ideal client is, actively market to that ideal client, and state an affirmation daily to attract your ideal clients to you.

When that is all in place, you’ll suddenly find yourself interacting with people that are an amazing “fit” for you. You’ll regularly get clients that seem as though they were meant to work with you, on many levels even beyond the obvious. All I can say is it’s loads of fun, try it! It’s worked for me. Want details?

Here are five strategies that have consistently worked for me to utilize the law of attraction and create a thriving business:

  1. Get very clear on who your exact market is and what you do for them. When you project confusion and lack of clarity, your results reflect it. Likewise, true clarity on a specific niche and market, and your intention to work with them, will get you powerful results.
  2. Create a habit of saying an affirmation (Statement) to attract your ideal client once a day, every day, and then truly feeling, experiencing and imagining it working for you. Here’s my favorite, which I borrowed from Esther Hicks:
    “I, (your first and last name here), see and draw to me through divine love, those beings who seek enlightenment through my process, and the sharing will elevate us both, now.”
  3. Imagine money flowing to you daily. By attracting money in general, whatever the source, you’ll be less stressed about your business and you’ll be able to invest in it, which again, demonstrates your commitment to the results you desire.
  4. Take action! Demonstrate your commitment by doing whatever you need to do to move forward, despite perceived blocks and barriers.
  5. Once you’ve done all of this, relax and have faith it will happen. This is a critical part of the process. Don’t continue to “worry” about whether it will or not, that will push it away from you. Just know that it will happen.

4 Responses to The Law of Attraction: Does it Really Work in Your Business?

  • Jim Phillips says:

    Hi Kelli, great article…and yes, the Law of Attraction does work in business as well as in all…I repeat..all…areas of life whether we are consciously aware of it or not…But wouldn’t it be better to be actively engaged in the process drawing to ourselves what we truly desire than accepting or reacting to what shows up by default?

    • Kellie deRuyter says:

      Hi Jim,

      Absolutely! Having experienced that crazy ride where I was spinning every which way (reacting to what shows up by default), I would MUCH rather use he lever to proactively direct the ride (actively engage in the process and draw what I truly desire). I’m with ya!

  • Kellie, thanks for another inspiring article! I have experienced the law of attraction at work in my life many times, and know it can work for my coaching business too. Here’s the intention I say out loud each morning – “I attract all the “right fit” clients to my thriving coaching business in passionate service to others.”

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