Meet KellieGEM

Want to know my most personal secret?

Every day I slip silently out of bed at 5:30am while my family is still asleep, feel my way downstairs in the dark, grab a health tonic and a cup of coffee (hey, I drink the tonic first!), fumble for the catch to let the dog out, and settle down on the end of the sofa for an hour to meditate and connect with my intuition and inner guidance.

Then I listen. It’s not always what I expect to hear, and it’s not always what I think I should do logically, but I’m committed to following it with all of my heart. Because in the end, it’s always right. Listening to my intuition is how I got here today.


Where Is Here?


Well, I get to use my creativity to write articles, help people create fun and fabulous businesses, and come up with ingenious ways to market their niches.

I get to use my sense of humor and desire to play and have fun to help my clients learn, grow, and move forward easily and quickly.

I also get the opportunity to face my darkest fears, my negative triggers, and every square inch of my “dark side,” head-on.  Even though in the moment, it doesn’t always feel like an opportunity, I know in my heart it really is . . .

. . . And of course I love the part after the breakthrough that always comes as a result of the “opportunity.”

Best of all, on a daily basis I get to be excited for, and inspired by the most amazing clients, who choose to let go of being small and commit to playing a bigger game in the world, no matter how scared they may be at times.


But It Wasn’t Always Like This.


My father was an entrepreneur who went from being extremely poor to being a self-made multi-millionaire. As a result, I really couldn’t imagine doing anything but being an entrepreneur.

So after I graduated from college, I built a very successful multi-level marketing business. I had 30-50 people I was responsible for. I trained them to run successful businesses themselves, and I had 3 superstars I developed and promoted to various levels of management, with groups of their own.

But I was exhausted, burnt-out, and running on adrenalin all the time.

I had health issues that no doctor could figure out so I just ignored them. Then one day, right before I was about to lead a big rally for my group, I collapsed. I literally couldn’t get up off the floor.

My “Dark Night of the Soul”


I thought I just had a bad flu, but months went by and I never got any better. What I actually had was Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, stage 3 toxicity (very bad, stage 4 and you’re dead), severe mercury poisoning and a whole host of related health challenges (eventually it all came out!).

I was in bed for the most part of 10 years. Can you imagine having a bad flu for 10 years?

So you see, I had a pretty long “Dark Night of the Soul” to drive some critical lessons home:

  • Life is a precious gift, make every moment count.
  • Make a difference in the world, so that your being here mattered, and leave it a better place when you’re gone.
  • What you can’t fix, your inner guidance and intuition can. Stop trying to figure it all out yourself, ask for guidance, and then listen and follow it: minute by minute, day by day.
  • Keep the faith. No matter how dark it looks, stay in the light. Trust that it will get better. It will happen. Things will always turn out ok.


Life Goes On


Fast-forward 16 years, through two more successful businesses, including a life coaching career for 10 years, plus several years of training and education in “content marketing,” and I FINALLY discovered my true calling.

Isn’t it funny how nothing in your life looks like it relates to anything else, until you find your calling? Then you see how everything relates, and how it all led you to right where you’re supposed to be?

I started working with coaches to help them create and implement step-by-step marketing strategies that would take them to six figures—and beyond.


I continued to invest in my own marketing education and discovered that my past coach training and experience, life-long business experience, natural business talent and spontaneous creativity was a perfect match for what I was doing.

All of it enhanced the information and strategies I was learning to help my clients to market their businesses. It was an awesome fit, and I loved it more than anything else I’d ever done.

It didn’t take me long to put all of it together into a personalized signature system,  and then break it down into clear step-by-step programs, offering my clients exceptional mentoring and coaching, and helping them quickly create successful and lucrative coaching businesses.

I can help anyone launch and run a successful coaching business, even if marketing isn’t their “forte.” It doesn’t matter. It is my forte, so we’re good.



I’ve finally found my “bliss,” and I’m healthier in mind, body and spirit than I’ve ever been. I’m thrilled to pieces that I get to serve clients who are self-aware, compassionate, loving, and committed to raising the consciousness on this planet.

We celebrate together as their business comes together before our eyes, and then takes off. As we navigate each step successfully, their confidence and clarity grows stronger.


“Does this sound like what you want?”


If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, experienced marketing partner to help you create the foundation for a high five or 6 figure business, help you reach those figures, or both, then you’re in the right place.

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I’m excited to be able to support you, and I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you soon!