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 attract your Ideal Clients?

What if I could show you how to fill your calendar without feeling pushy, “icky” or insincere?

You don’t have to use tricks or sleazy techniques!

You CAN learn how to strategically use coaching skills to enroll people in your coaching!

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From: Kellie deRuyter CPC, PCC
"Step-by-Step Marketing Coach for Coaches"
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Dear Coach,

Do you worry that to enroll new clients, you have to use sales techniques that don’t feel right to you? Are you frustrated by hearing “no thanks” and “I can’t afford it”? Or do you just feel tongue-tied or lose your nerve when it’s time to make your offer to a potential client?

Stop worrying right now. I’m here to tell you there’s an authentic, heart-based way to fill your calendar with Ideal Clients—a way that will feel natural to you. Through my years of coaching and training coaches, I’ve perfected a powerful enrollment process—and I can’t wait to share my secrets with you.

Say goodbye forever to awkward sales techniques. I’ll show you how to transform Discovery Conversations by coaching your Ideal Clients to:

  • See the TRUE value of your coaching
  • Tune in to their own inspiration and intuition
  • Get out of their own way
  • Say “YES! Sign me up!”

Even the Best Coaches Have Been There …

Does this sound familiar: you’re talking with a potential client and you can feel that you’re losing them. They’re just not “getting it.”

I know the feeling. In fact, I’d like to share something very personal with you. Something that might surprise you, given my current success and confidence as a coach.

Early on in my ten years as a life coach, way before I developed my foolproof “Coach Your Way to Yes” system, if someone said “no” to my coaching, I would take this “rejection” personally.

Afterwards, I’d go over the conversation in my head, looking for what I had said to “turn them off.” See, I knew the value of coaching, so if they were saying no, it had to be about me, right?  

Are You Afraid this Will Happen to You?

But the very worst was on those rare occasions when someone would accuse me of being pushy. I felt horrible. It was the last thing I ever wanted someone to think about me.

The accusation hurt, because it insinuated that I was “just trying to get a sale”–which couldn’t have been further from the truth. I became a coach to help people, to contribute and make a difference, not because I thought it was the best way to get rich!

After an accusation like that, I would hold back during my next free consult or Discovery Session, afraid of seeming pushy.

So, you might ask, what’s wrong with holding back? Well, I was not only letting myself down, I was holding clients back from getting the help they needed—the help they’d called for in the first place. When I lost confidence in my coaching offer, I was unable to inspire the client to let go of their doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs long enough to say “yes” to the very transformation they longed for.  

I would get off the phone and beat myself up, because I knew I had let us both down. I had allowed my fear of rejection to get in the way of helping that person move through their blocks.

The truth is, when someone accuses you of being pushy, it’s not about you. It’s about them. It’s about their discomfort with someone getting a bit too close to the truth. It’s about them needing to protect their carefully constructed defense mechanisms. After all, if you get too close, those defenses just might start to crumble!

Want to know how I finally stopped agonizing over this fear of seeming “pushy”?

“I Looked at all the People I had Coached to a Better Life.”

That’s right, I looked at all the clients who would never have gotten the incredible results they wanted if I’d stopped myself from making a strong offer. And I thought about what a disservice it would have been if I’d “stopped” myself and left them stuck.

You can be authentic, sincere, compassionate, caring and a true coach through and through. You can feel good about helping people get past their blocks and get themselves into the coaching—and the lives—they want and deserve.

How? By mastering these 4 steps: 

  1. Shift how you look at the enrollment conversation—and at all the ways you share your offerings (networking, marketing, etc.).

  2. Transform your relationship with money: you can ask for what you’re worth—and get it!—but only if you feel comfortable accepting money as an energy exchange for helping people. 

  3. Let go of your fear of rejection and be true to what you know in your heart. Don’t let the few doubters cause you to abandon all the others who need—and want—your help! 

  4. Learn how to use your coaching skills to help people say Yes to themselves—and Yes to you! Help them connect with their true selves so they can get past their feelings of scarcity around time and money. 

I will teach you how to master these 4 steps in my
teleseminar series: 
“Coach Your Way to YES!”

In this content-rich teleseminar series,
you’ll learn:

The fabulous coaching technique that reveals for certain when clients are ready to hear your offer, AND how to get them ready if they’re not.

How to prevent potential clients from “waiting,” for any reason!

How to use the “Million-Dollar Coaching Question” to get people to see the incredible value of your coaching.

The nitty-gritty of how to present your offers so they are tempting, attractive and downright irresistible.

The critical line you must draw in the sand before sharing your fee. (If you don’t, they’ll never confide to you what’s really going on.)

How to ask for what you’re worth with confidence—and get it!

Exactly when to share your fee and what to say, word for word, to anyone who asks you to share it too soon. (You absolutely must demonstrate the value of your coaching first.)

Two words you should NEVER use (a BIG turn-off, yet most coaches use them!) and the one word you must ALWAYS use to positively frame your fee.

How to offer your fee no matter what it is, so it sounds extremely reasonable and affordable.

Exactly how to coach doubt, fear, gremlins, beliefs, self-denial and other obstacles so clients can find their way to YES!  (This gem alone is worth the investment!)

How to completely eliminate that dreaded phrase, “I have to think about it, I’ll get back to you.” (Watch your clients pull out their credit cards and sign up on the spot.)

Guarantees: What, why, where, how, when—and when not—to use them.

The #1 most powerful tool you can use to add value to your offers, and how to implement it.

Yay! They said YES! Now what? Essential Do’s and Don’ts when getting commitments and accepting payments, to make sure everything flows smoothly.

And much more!


You'll also receive:

The 3-part live teleseminar series, including an info-packed Q&A with Kellie!

A powerful tool that will help you determine where your personal “Money Speedometer” is set, and how to increase it so you’re comfortable bringing in more money. (No more self-sabotage! It’s time to confidently ask for what you’re worth–and get it!)

A special exercise to do between sessions that will eliminate self-doubt, empowering you to confidently ask for your fee, without hesitation.

A dynamic list of specific, open-ended coaching questions to use during your Discovery or Strategy Sessions.

An outline of each coaching technique you’ll want to use, and when and how to use them.

A list of motivating words and phrases to use at critical points during your Discovery Sessions, so you’re never at a loss for words.

(Value: $247)

When you sign up for the "Coach Your Way to YES" teleseminar series as a special bonus, you'll receive a PRIVATE, CUSTOMIZED 30-minute practice session with Kellie, to focus on your biggest challenges in the Discovery Conversation!  In this personalized session, you'll have the opportunity to:

Present your toughest enrollment challenges in a role-play with Kellie: you play the prospective client and Kellie plays the coach, so you can hear how an experienced coach works the magic.

Practice your most challenging parts of the Discovery Conversation in a role-play: you play the coach and Kellie plays the client, so you can practice and then receive positive feedback from Kellie on how to improve your enrollment coaching skills.

Get Kellie’s private expert feedback on your most challenging issues in enrolling coaching clients.

Save yourself from costly detours and mistakes by hearing from an accomplished coach exactly what your next steps are to move your business forward.

Yes, Kellie! I’m ready to "
Coach My Way to YES!"



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