ken s intro“In my research, 1/3 of websites are built quickly,
1/3 take many months, and 1/3 never finish. 
(Worse: 90% that go live are useless. Eeeps!)” 

Dear Coach,  Coaching Guide
Hi, I’m Kenn Schroeder.  I wrote this guide for two main reasons:

  • to take away the overwhelm and stress in building your website and
  • to ensure that you’re designing for client attraction.

This guide is for the coach who wants more clients.  It’s for the coach who wants to be seen as a true professional. When people visit your website, you want them saying, “Wow! This is the coach I need to work with!”

You get easy-to-follow, time-saving steps, chapter by chapter. You get writing formulas, design tips, and construction advice to get it done right the first time.

Not sure what to write about?
How to reflect “you” authentically AND engage readers at the same time? 



coaching galMany coaches are new to business, new to copywriting and new to marketing. They struggle to explain coaching in simple but exciting way.If you’ve tried to tell people how coaching works, you’ve probably seen their eyes glaze over. They just don’t get pumped up about it as you are.

Another sticky point in trying to find clients is that you don’t want to be too pushy or over-top with unrealistic claims about coaching.

The key is simply to write about coaching from the client’s point of view. Talk about their situation, challenges, and wishes. That’s what clients are drawn to.

In the guide, you get formulas, how-tos and examples to make writing simple and effective.

So, back to that 90%. Why do most sites fail?



I’ve built over 50 coaching websites and advised on hundreds more. One of my coaches got five new clients from his email list earlier this year.  I get all of my clients through the Web so that I can work and travel.

From over 14 years of web designing, the answer to Why most sites fail? is because there is no client-attraction strategy. Websites that fail don’t offer big value, don’t win trust, don’t invite action and don’t do many other things needed to succeed.

It’s no wonder why coaches are afraid to invest in a web presence. Why invest if you’re not sure it’s going to work? Do you want the keys to a successful website?

 Learn more, plus receive your free chapter from the Coaching Website Guide!