The Fastest Way to Get Clients Now

You want clients, and you don’t want to wait for your marketing funnels to fill. You’d like new clients within a few weeks. What to do?

You may be starting a brand new business, or you may find yourself in need of extra cash for something important. Or, you simply may be ready to take your business to the next level, and want to do it quickly.

Whatever the reason, when you want clients immediately, some ways are more effective than others. It’s important to know where to focus your energy, so you get maximum results for your efforts.

Here are four ways to fill your calendar quickly when you want clients:

If you are brand new:

The most powerful shortcut to clients I’ve found is speaking. You can get one speaking engagement with 10-20 people attending, and walk away with 4-5 Discovery Sessions—or more!

Half of those (or more!) can turn into clients. Nothing beats speaking for allowing people to get to know you and like you, and instantly building their trust in you as an expert. It’s more effective than simple networking, where you an equal in a group of people who are all there to promote their business.

When you are the speaker, you have automatic credibility as the expert, before you even get up to speak. Everyone is there to listen to you. Your time is well spent in putting together a speech with information your market wants to hear, and then contacting group leaders to offer to speak to their group.

Do it for free. You’ll always come out ahead if you speak for free to get Discovery Sessions or consults, which then turn into clients.

The key is to remember you are there to invite people into those Discovery Sessions. Be sure and drop plenty of enticing hints about the services you offer, and toward the end offer a Discovery Session to anyone who is ready to take action now.

If you are brand new OR you’ve been in business for a while:

You can do a “Friends and Fans” launch. If you’re new, this is similar to a “Grand Opening,” where you offer a special gift certificate for a free Discovery Session to all your friends, acquaintances and people you know (Most people can come up with a list of 200).

They can use the certificate themselves, or, ask them to think of anyone they know who might benefit from your special offer, and to pass it along. Many people know someone, or they know someone who knows someone. It’s amazing how many people you can reach this way.

If you aren’t new, find a reason: Maybe you’re going from part-time to full-time, or maybe you’ve changed your branding or your niche.

If you’ve been in business for a while:

Run a promotion for previous clients. If you’re a coach or consultant, offer a special free “Tune Up” Discovery Session to clients you’d like to work with again.

Email the offer and then follow up a few days later with a phone call. Be sure and limit it so they are motivated to take action now. You can put a time limit on it, or offer it to the first 5 or 10 who take the offer.

People rarely respond to the email, so don’t get discouraged. Make the phone call. Some of them will be “thinking about it,” and your call will open up a discussion that may lead to a “yes” on your offer.

If you have a list that’s responsive.

Size is not as important as responsiveness. Launch a teleseminar series. Start with a free teleseminar on a hot topic for your ideal client, and send email invitations to your list. In addition, promote the free teleseminar with ads and to other people’s lists who serve your market.

Then in the free teleseminar, give great value AND offer your paid series for those who want to go into more depth. Four sessions is best, with the last session being Q & A. Remember, this is to get clients quickly: Do two sessions per week, so it’s done within 2 weeks.

Then upgrade interested seminar participants into a more substantial package. You’ll create cash from the teleseminar series, and clients from those who want more.

3 Responses to The Fastest Way to Get Clients Now

  • kar says:

    What kinds of things should you talk about at your speaking engagement. Esp if you don’t quite have your niche yet.

    • Kellie deRuyter says:

      Hi Kar,
      If you don’t have your niche yet, but you want to speak, then take a look at the audience you want to speak for and think about what they most want to hear. What is the biggest problem most of them want to solve? Speak on that. Survey them if you can, or call and ask someone who runs the group and ask them what they think the biggest problem their audience has and would most like to solve. If your audience is general and you have no niche, it’s going to be pretty tough, so start with are they a business coaching oriented crowd or a life coaching oriented crowd? If it’s a business oriented crowd, small businesses always want clients and like marketing tips. If it’s a life oriented crowd, a specific area of health/wellness or relationship is often popular. Just make sure you have some new information and fresh insights on your topic. Finally, your best option of course is to choose your niche!! Then it becomes much easier 😉

  • JoAn Compagnone says:

    I am hopibg you will help me figure out my niche in our discovery session. I have many options. I yhink thst is whybi am finding it so hard. I feel like I am leaning toward spiritual or relationship coaching. But if I were to step out of my comfirt zone I would like corporate or business coaching.

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